Palmerston North Firewood

Palmerston North Firewood now you can order and pay online for firewood and stay warm and cosy by the fireside this winter.

Please use the  Prices & Place Order page to make your order.Palmerston North Firewood have a great selection of split firewood to meet your needs. Our objective is to provide quality firewood, at affordable prices, that is delivered in a timely manner.
Call Palmerston North Firewood 027 443 2019 or 0800 37 99 66.

If you require urgent service please let us know please call Palmerston North Firewood on, 027 443 2019 or 0800 37 99 66.

Payments can be made by cash on delivery,  money transfer or online order page.

We supply firewood to Palmerston North,  Manawatu and Wanganui regions. We aim to supply you with a quality product and deliver it within a reasonable amount of time.

We understand the importance of having quality, dry and affordable firewood which is why we have a “Ready to Burn Guarantee”

We have a selection of woods which we have also provided information about on our WOOD INFO page so that you may make an informed choice for your order. We can also give advice or recommendations so feel free to email us or give us a call on our toll-free number 0800 37 99 66

All our firewood is seasoned and dried outside in the open air.

Wood that is periodically dampened down on the surface will season more quickly than wood stored in a dry environment, as the surface water keeps cellular pathways open for moisture to move to the surface and evaporate. This process will continue until the wood moisture content is in equilibrium with the humidity of the surrounding air. This is known as the equilibrium Moisture Content.

Seasoned firewood dampened by rain will dry again within a few days… check out our Drying and storing tips here

Summer Discount prices apply to “Green” or “Unseasoned” wood. Properly stored, this wood will be dry and ready to burn for winter. Not all wood types will be available for “Green” sales and changes to availability can occur throughout the Summer Discount period.